affiliate partner program

Affiliate Partner Program

Why choose our affiliate program?

ResellerChoice has been in business since 2001 and has a proven track record of enterprise level services and support.
With thousands of satisfied customers and a great reputation as a reliable hosting provider , you can count on us.

How does it work?

Our hosting affiliate partner program is designed in a way that allows you full control over your affiliate payouts.
When you sign up as an affiliate, we give you a unique Member ID and a link to our web site. You can place our banners, buttons, or text links on your site. Each time someone clicks through your banner, button or text link with your unique code, our control panel registers the visit and keeps track of it. At the end of the quarter, we pay you for all your matured sales*, guaranteed.

Reasons to Join

  • Quarterly payouts
    On all matured sales*
  • Your choice of payment form
    We pay via check, PayPal or Account credit.
  • No Web Hosting account required
    You do not have to be a customer to take part
  • Affiliate control panel
    Allows you to track your sales, payouts, statistics, etc...

Get started and become a web hosting Affiliate now!

There is no fee to become our web hosting affiliate. You will be given a referral URL and free marketing materials once enrolled and whenever sales are made through that URL, you will get credited.
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* Review the affiliate program terms and conditions