cloud hosting using winodws hyper-v

Put your business in hyper mode with Cloud Hosting on Windows Hyper-V

hosting windows cloud with support for windows hyper-v

How can Cloud hosting help your business be more efficient?

Traditionally a business in need of IT infrastructure would either contract dedicated servers or procure colocation or datacenter space.

Cloud hosting enables a business to add the IT infrastructure they need without any of the overhead that hardware requires.

Cloud hosting is an on tap virtualized environment (Windows Hyper-V), allowing for rapid deployments, dynamic resources to suit current up to the minute needs at a lower cost than traditional solutions.

Maintain your capital

Leasing a windows cloud server as opposed to purchasing hardware has financial benefits for your business including maintaining cash on hand reserves and saving you on many additional costs associated with managing IT infrastructure such as:
  • Maintain IT Staff (Recruiting, training, payroll)
  • Booking assets to balance sheet, depreciation, etc... (accounting costs)
  • Shipping costs
  • Inventory

In a Windows Cloud hosting scenario, your host takes care of all these items saving your business a considerable amount of time and money.

Elastic solution - True "On Tap"

Cloud computing resources such as processing power, network bandwidth, storage capacity, can be adjusted  to accommodate business growth, increased demand or shifts.

Your "Cloud Power" can increased or decreased at any time for rapid expansion or consolidation during slow months.

Cloud flexibility and scalability allows your business to control and distribute services and capital where your business needs it the most.

Rapid Deployments

The virtual nature of the windows hyper-v cloud allows us to provision systems in as little as 20 minutes.
The automation and speed of deploying virtual server resources can be of great benefit when your business is on a deadline.

Hardware deployments can take several hours to several days depending on parts, shipping, inventory. In today's fast paced world, your business will benefit from rapid and automated provisioning by saving valuable time in getting to market.

Green hosting

Your business may be looking for ways to decrease its carbon footprint. Cloud hosting will accomplish this in several ways:
  • Hardware utilization - using virtual environments your business can continue to isolate projects and application onto individual servers without the need for separate hardware devices which often results in under utilized servers and wasted resources.
  • Travel to/from datacenters & shipping - Businesses using collocated IT infrastructure will need to deploy staff to the datacenter for any upgrades/maintenance/repairs as well as ship parts.
  • Energy consumption (power/cooling) - Using cloud solution allows for better energy distribution and sharing, preventing wasted resources.

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Cloud Information

Cloud Hosting

Plans start at $20.00/month and include:
  • 1 Virtual CPU Core
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 25 GB OS Drive
  • 250 GB Premium Bandwidth

Application Cloud Hosting

Plans start at $45.00/month and include:
  • Base Cloud (1 Core, 512MB RAM, 25 GB HDD, 250 Premium Bandwidth, options are configurable)
  • Server configuration to allow for your selected application to run
  • Installation of your application
  • 1 monthly hour of server administration