Dedicated Server Hosting

Cloud Server vs. Dedicated Server

Why select windows hyper-v cloud server hosting over Dedicated Server Hosting?

Cloud server solutions offer many benefits over dedicated server setups, such as cost, flexibility, "out of the box" features and more.
See the chart below for a breakdown of the main differences between Cloud and Dedicated solutions.

Cloud Solution Dedicated Solution
Dedicated Hardware Hardware is shared
with other customers.
Hardware is dedicated to you alone
Hardware type Cloud hosting systems are run on systems with very powerful processors with SAN Storage which is typically faster for most applications.

You can also select your CPU cores, memory allocation and disk space, making a cloud server solution flexible and just as customizable as a dedicated solution
You select the hardware type from CPU, memory, drive configurations, add-on SAN storage, network cards, etc...
Admin access Cloud Server Hosting Windows Hyper-V Cloud Server Hosting
RDP/SSH access Windows Hyper-V Dedicated Servers
Dedicated IPs Hyper-V Cloud Servers windows cloud hosting
Choice of OS windows dedicated servers hyper-v
SAN/ISCSI Storage Your cloud storage is 100% ISCSI SAN SAN ISCSI storage can be added on at a fee
Fail Over Cloud systems are built to
failover onto other nodes
in case of a problem with
the primary. It does not
require additional hardware
or DNS changes
Dedicated server fail over setups
are much more complicated to
setup and more costly.
They also require a 3rd party
monitoring solution and system
to switch on the fail over system.
The stand by system will double
your cost on hardware and software.
Backup Backups of Windows Hyper-V Cloud server systems are done with Microsoft DPM system which allows for file level recovery as well as "Bare metal restore".
Backup cost will depend on your storage requirements, retain period and backup frequency.
What backup software can be used depends on your OS.

Backup cost will depend on your storage requirements, retain period and backup frequency.
Green Solution cloud hosting Dedicated servers are often under-utilized resulting in wasted resources and higher carbon footprint.
Cost Cloud server solutions at ResellerChoice start at $20.00 per month with minimal resources which is ideal for smaller projects that require a dedicated environment without bulky hardware. Un-managed dedicated servers typically start in the $100.00 price range and do not include many of the included benefits of Cloud
Deployment time Cloud hosting systems can be deployed very rapidly enabling you to meet tight deadlines Servers setups typically take anywhere from 2-24 hours and longer as they require technicians to physically modify the hardware in the server and burn in tests to be completed.
Elastic - Flexible Cloud server solutions allow for a great deal of flexibility as resources assigned to it can be modified very easily.
A memory or CPU upgrade or downgrade simply requires a reboot and can be completed in minutes saving you on extended downtime.

Hard drives can most of the time be expanded without an OS reload and  typically takes under 15 minutes.
An additional storage drive can be added with a simple reboot.
Dedicated server hardware upgrades or downgrades will result in lengthy downtime as a technician must shut down the server, pull it from a rack, open up the chassis, install or remove hardware, place the server back onto the rack, power it, boot and test.

Hardware upgrades options are also more limited as these depend on your motherboard and chassis type.
Microsoft licensing Windows Enterprise Licensing is free to you

Other Microsoft licensing is usually cheaper in a virtualized environment.
Windows Enterprise licensing would cost $50.00 per month per processor.

Other licensing will also be processor based.


Cloud Information

Cloud Hosting

Plans start at $20.00/month and include:
  • 1 Virtual CPU Core
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 25 GB OS Drive
  • 250 GB Premium Bandwidth

Application Cloud Hosting

Plans start at $45.00/month and include:
  • Base Cloud (1 Core, 512MB RAM, 25 GB HDD, 250 Premium Bandwidth, options are configurable)
  • Server configuration to allow for your selected application to run
  • Installation of your application
  • 1 monthly hour of server administration