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I've experienced other providers for DotNetNuke resellers, and after being with you guys for over a year I've got to list the qualities that are excellent.

feature flexibility, price, uptime, sql server reliability, speed, reseller control panel, accounting is easy, reporting on point, support response time and resolving issues fast, expertise and honesty, scheduled tasks, notification of scheduled downtime... it goes on, but these are the things I've noticed.

Please keep it up, I am begging you, you guys are great! I'm literally running a web-based application for a customer who is tagging the server 8am to 6pm every second updating the sql database and uploading documents to the file directory. Their business has been running on it for years and the past year has been the best.

It just works.

Michael Katulka
After a couple of years of bouncing around I finally settled out on Reseller’s Choice and I have been with them for just over a year now. I can say without pause that they offer the best “bang for the buck” of any of the hosts I have dealt with to date.

They meet the following 4 key needs that keep me satisfied:
RELIABLE. Their servers are reliable with very little down time (my monitoring service shows all of my sites with over 99.7% up time last year).
IMPECCABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Their customer service reps are prompt, courteous and go above and beyond the “hosting company” responsibilities (spoken: helped me fix a DNN issue not related to hosting on more than one occasion).
USER FRIENDLY. Their control panel of choice, WebSitePanel, is consistent, stable and very user friendly (great for you and very important if you are reselling to a client who may use it!).
ECONOMICAL. Using their 25 Domain pack, I am able to keep my per site cost down to less than $2 per site per month while still getting performance on par with (or better than) many hosts I have paid $20 per site per month.

Although I can’t speak from an enterprise level perspective, I highly recommend this hosting provider for anyone needing a trustworthy and cost effective solution for a small/medium business or personal DNN site.
I just purchased a 25 domain plan with Re-Sellers choice and I am very impressed with how fast and easy the interface is to use. The Portal itself is fast and it is extremely easy to set up Dot Net Nukes sites. Literally one click and the database and site are set up for you, all you need to do is name the database and give login credentials for admin and host. I couldn't believe how quick it set up DNN for me. It only took less than a minute and I was logging into my site and uploading my skins.
I just joined and still setting up my accounts. I have to admit that the site has a lot of content and tutorials. It does help.

The support team did a great job in getting back with me with solutions and quite quick.

You guys do a great job. Keep it up.
I installed DNN, created multiple portals, pointed different domains, upgraded when needed and everything was fine. I started playing around with .NET 3.5, LINQ, AJAX and Silverlight 2, and everything went smooth. Support is immediate and responsive, servers are so fast. What to say? This hosting is awesome, and if something doesn't work, no doubt, it's my fault ;)
Finding your company has made me very happy. As a web developer I have just been kicking websites to other ISP's for the last three years. The ISP's would give me a break on the hosting charges and that was fine. However I found myself on the phone quite often when I needed to activate added email accounts, .php or .asp and wait for them to get to it.

Finding a company that allows both .asp & .php on one plan is difficult as most sell it as oh you need a asp server you need this plan or oh you need php you need to get this one too. To find one that uses Hosting Controller is a major bonus.

So to sum it up thanks to Resellers Choice for making the investment into the servers, hosting controller program, I Mail, Operating systems and time involved.

Hats off
I have set up two sites so far, both running DNN. One is using 2.1.2 and the other is using 3.0.12. I've seen a lot of different people sign the responses in the help tickets, and everyone has been very prompt and helpful in helping me get things resolved and get my sites running quickly.

Thanks again!
My first day here and all the admins have been very helpful, even if my questions were newbish lol

Looking forward to setting up half a dozen clients sites in the next few weeks. Yeah, I had a ton of silly questions, and they seemed more than happy to help. And quick too :)
I have been here for about a year and every time I have a problem the team give me a quick response. thank you.
I signed up for a hosting plan and shortly afterwards found another provider I thought offered more for less.  Well, after a week struggling with them to get things set up, I gave up and returned to ResellerChoice to completed my account setup  Thanks for a questions quickly answered, problems swiftly resolved, and the friendly support!

I know my business is in good hands.
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