High Availability Windows Application Hosting Services

Enterprise solutions for mission critical deployments

Avoid downtime use High Availability Application hosting

Who is this for

High availability application hosting is the perfect solution for mission critical applications and data. It is designed to provide maximum uptime and speed and avoid over subscription by giving you high scalability possibilities. If you have been previously been subjected to downtime related to hardware failures, growth migrations, unreliable networks, lost data, costing you thousands of dollars in lost revenue, then High Availability hosting is for you.

Typical components used to design a High availability solution

All businesses have different requirements and needs. This is why we offer many different HA components that we can combine together to make the solution as reliable and fast as your business requires. Here are some of the typical components used:

-Load balancing
-Pooled resources
-Clustered application servers / Grid Computing
-Database clusters
-Scalable External storage (iSCSI EMC SAN)
-Mirrored/Stripped internal storage (RAID)
-Redundant network components (such as switches, routers, load balancers, firewalls)
-N+1 Power Datacenters
-Hot Spare resources
-Redundant Gig-E connections
-Off Site Backups
-Diversity in outbound providers (100% Tier 1 providers)
-Geographically diverse stand-by failover setups

Why Choose ResellerChoice for your high availability requirements

We use the highest quality datacenters and networks and ensure that there are no single points of failure in our solutions. Our engineers will ensure that the solution designed for you is everything and more than you expected. With over 6 years of experience, deploying and maintaining enterprise solutions, ResellerChoice will ensure that your data is always available.

Request for Quote

We do not have any pre-configured plans available for High Availability as we believe in designing a solution that is custom tailored to suit your business structure.

Please contact our sales team so we can start designing your solution today.
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