Reseller Hosting and Prvate Label Windows Hosting

Reseller Hosting - How can it benefit you?

What is a hosting reseller

A hosting Reseller is a web host that does not physically own the hardware where his clients are being hosted. A Reseller purchases an account from ResellerChoice and then splits up his allotted resources and resells them to his end users.
A reseller is basically an intermediary between ResellerChoice and his end customers.
A reseller's responsibility will be end user support, communications ResellerChoice and billing.

Different than an affiliate program

Reseller Hosting is different than an affiliate program in many ways, the most important is that you will generate recurring income. Hosting reselling is a permanent revenue stream based on prices you set not commissions based on someone else's prices.
Another advantage of being a reseller over an affiliate is that you can represent the product as your own and market it and brand it to your company name. We as a parent company remain totally anonymous and your clients will only find out that you are a reseller if you want them to know.

How does it work

Sign up for any of our reseller hosting accounts and get started immediately.
Using our control panel you can choose to either add your domains to your own account, or create plans for sale and then create sub accounts for end user clients or reseller customers.
Check out our Control Panel demo now to see how easy it is to start reselling hosting.

Turn Key Reseller hosting solution

All our Enterprise reseller accounts come with all the tools you need to get started as a web hosting reseller. Tools such as:
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Full API and source
  • access to the control panel giving you full integration possibilities
  • eNom reseller account
  • Free merchant account

Sign up for a reseller account server today and start reselling top of the line windows hosting services and solutions, your customers will thank you!


 5 Advantages of Reseller Hosting

1. New revenue stream
Easily add-on web hosting to your portfolio of services. For example web designers will find it to be a great benefit to them to design their clients web sites and then be able to benefit from the recurring revenue generated from hosting their client's newly designed web sites.

2. No server maintenance
As a reseller you are not responsible for maintaining servers or the network. You can focus on customer service and sales while we do all the work behind the scenes.
We take all the stressful side of hosting out of the equation for you.

3. Reduce Costs
Start with a small reseller account and work your way up to a large reseller account or your own hardware without having any of the up front costs such as hardware purchases, bandwidth costs, licensing fees, etc...

4. No advanced technical knowledge required
A reseller account generally requires a very small amount of technical knowledge in order to get started. We will also provide you with a rich knowledgebase and information to make the process of providing custom support to your end users as painless as possible.

5. More Flexibility
Since you do not own your hardware and do not have contracts you can choose to move your clients around to more suitable hosting environments at any time.