Reseller Web Hosting Control Panel

You have full access to the web hosting control panel in any of our Reseller Hosting Solutions


Hosting Reseller Control Panel Features

Unlimited Resellers Depth Reseller can create any number of sub-reseller as well as ordinary user accounts!
Plain Resources Navigation Reseller sees all web sites, databases, user accounts, etc. of all his sub-resellers and users in a simple plain lists.
Search Hosting Resources Search all possible hosting resources with just a single query!
"Work on behalf of" Mode You can work on behalf of any reseller or user account you own.
Accounts Suspension/Activation You can suspend/activate a resellers (including all sub-accounts), user accounts and separate packages. Suspended user is still able to login to control panel and partially manage his resources (browse and delete only), however, all hosting resources of suspended packages are completely disabled.
Creating Own Packages You won't need to create another user account to make your own web site or create database. You can create a package for yourself from allocated resources.
Detailed Bandwidth and Disk space Reports Control bandwidth/disk space consumption using detailed reports broken down by users/packages/resources.
Audit Log Control every movement of your users! Audit log tracks all user login/create/update/delete activities. Audit log is fully integrated with DotNetNuke.
IP Addresses Pool Reseller can manage all IP addresses assigned him by his host.
Custom Hosting Settings Reseller can specify his own name servers, allowed/restricted/temporary domains and parking page.
Manage User Accounts Reseller can add/edit/delete user accounts.
Manage Hosting Plans Reseller can add/edit/delete hosting plans.
Manage Hosting Packages Reseller can add/edit/delete user hosting packages.
Complete User Functionality Reseller can manage any resources of his users as well as work on behalf of some his user. Please, see user features for more information.


Customer / End user Panel Features

Multiple Packages User is not limited with a single package. He can be assigned with as many hosting packages as he needs. User can switch between his packages with a single click and can check hosting quotas for each package.
Peer User Accounts User can allow his friends or co-workers managing hosting resources by creating peer user accounts.
Web Applications Installer Using Web Applications Installer such applications as DotNetNuke, Starter Kits and others can be installed with a single click. Web Applications Installer has an extensible architecture that allows administrator to add additional installation packages.
Audit Log User has a read-only access to his audit log where all operations with web sites, FTP accounts, databases, etc. are tracked. Audit Log is fully integrated with DotNetNuke portal.
Bandwidth Report User can control his packages bandwidth consumption by using integrated Bandwidth Report. The report data is broken down by resource groups (Web, FTP, Mail, etc.).
Disk space Report User can control his packages disk space by using integrated Disk space Report. The report data is broken down by resource groups (Web, FTP, Mail, SQL, etc.)
View IP Addresses User can view IP addresses assigned to him by his reseller or administrator. Those IP addresses can be used for creating web sites with static IP.
Manage Domains/Sub domains WebSitePanel doesn't make difference between domains or sub-domains. User can also add a free sub-domain provided by his reseller. Web sites then can be created under both domains and sub-domains.
Manage Domain Aliases User can add an alias for the existing domain/sub-domain. User can also add a free sub-domain alias provided by his reseller.
Temporary Domain Each created domain has a temporary domain (alias) in format specified by the reseller which allows user to access web sites, FTP, mail prior to DNS provisioning.
Manage Web Sites User can add/edit/delete web sites with shared or static IP. User can edit site's default documents, error pages, security settings, HTTP redirections. The site can be started/stopped/paused.
Manage Virtual Directories User can add/edit/delete virtual directories under the specified web site. Each virtual directory has the same properties set as the web site!
Manage MIME Types MIME types can be specified for each web site or virtual directory.
Manage Default Documents Default documents can be specified for each web site or virtual directory.
Manage Custom Error Pages Custom error pages can be specified for each web site or virtual directory.
FrontPage Extensions User can install/uninstall FrontPage extensions under any web site.
Web Site Repair Tool If the web site is not responding for some reason (root folder has been deleted or moved or whatever) it can be restored by the web site repair button!
Change Web Site or Virtual Directory location User can dynamically change the root folder of any existing web site or virtual directory or make HTTP redirect.
Manage FTP Accounts Administrators, resellers and users can add/edit/delete FTP accounts. You can specify read/write permissions for your FTP account. Since all package's web sites are stored in a single folder you can use only a single FTP account to manage your web sites!
Manage Mailboxes Administrators, resellers and users can add/edit/delete mail boxes. WebSitePanel exposes the maximum set of properties of the underlying mail server!
Manage Mail Forwarding Administrators, resellers and users can add/edit/delete mail forwarding allowing you just to redirect the correspondence to some external mailbox.
Manage Mail Groups Administrators, resellers and users can add/edit/delete mail groups which allows you to organize small one-way mailing lists.
Manage Mailing Lists Administrators, resellers and users can add/edit/delete fully-functional mailing lists! Almost all list properties are reflected in WebSitePanel interface!
Manage Databases and User Logins Administrators, resellers and users can add/edit/delete databases. WebSitePanel supports MS Access, SQL Server and MySQL database engines! SQL Server and MySQL user logins can be managed separately from databases. That means you can assign a single user account to a multiple databases!
Databases Backup/Restore User can backup/restore his database without any help! Backup/restore tools support BAK, zipped BAK (uploaded via HTTP and stored locally) and SQL scripts.
Manage Advanced Statistics Administrators, resellers and users can install/uninstall advanced statistics support for any web site! Advanced statistics analyzes web logs and provides detailed reports about web site visitors.
Manage Operating System Users and Groups Administrators, resellers and users can add/edit/remove operating system user accounts and groups. Those users and groups can be used in different applications like SharePoint Services, SQL Server Reporting Services, etc. as well as used for securing web site folders/files.
Manage Folders and Files Very powerful File Browser will allow you to completely forget about FTP. It includes zip/unzip operations in addition to other standard ones such as copying/moving files, creating files/folders, deleting files/folders. It introduces �zip � deploy � unzip� paradigm that allows you to deploy applications quickly and easily without using of FTP. It is a geed news for users who staying behind the firewall and can't use FTP protocol! File Browser doesn't require any special network settings to work with it.

You have full access to the control panel and features in any of our Reseller Hosting solutions or dedicated servers.

Web Hosting Control Panel Demo

Reseller Level User
Reseller User: demoreseller
Password: password

Customer / End User
Customer / End User: demo_user
Password: password

- features in the demo are disabled due to
security reasons.
-The demo is not hosted on our servers and is therefore not a representation of speed or performance